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[EN] Services Overview

The "HTU Graz" is the students' union at Graz University of Technology. A team of volunteer students offers comprehensive support in all areas of your student life. This page aims to give you a brief overview; for more in-depth information, please either send us an e-mail or come visit us in person.
Got any burning questions? Contact us via or come visit us in person
at our office!


We offer advice and events in the following areas:

  • Information about social support for living and working as a student, both nation-wide benefits and local ones focussing on Graz and Styria. Specific topics are studying with an infant/child, handicapped students and public financial aids. [contact]
  • University/study law: In case you have questions concerning your rights and your responsibilities concerning your study, e.g. eximinations, grading, etc. [contact]
  • Student advisory counselling: Help for starting and and changing your university degree, either general information or for a specific field. [contact]
  • Equal opportunities: If you ever feel treated inadequate, e.g. due to your gender, origin or sexual orientation, don't hesitate to contact us. [contact queer] [contact women]
  • Incoming students: The Erasmus Student network is a part of HTU Graz and as such organizes events and provides knowledge for students that are at TU Graz for a semester or two. [contact]

Fiancial Assistance via HTU Graz

  • Per-semester subsidy for students in financial distress ("Sozialtopf")
  • Per-semester subsidy for students studying in Graz who have their main residance in Styria, but outside of Graz ("Mensabeihilfe")
  • Per-meal discount if you eat at the university canteen ("Mensastempel")
  • Free entrance for certain cultural events ("Kulturpass")


  • Professional  counseling concerning the Austrian law of tenancy, job application and insurances
  • Each semester a big party with hundreds of students celebrating ("TU Fest")
  • Temporary snack and drink bars around the campus
  • Field-specific topics and presentations



Certain official members of the HTU are elected every other year by all students. The three layers of representation are

  • Per-Study ("Studienvertretung")
  • University-wide ("Universitätsvertretung")
  • National level ("Bundesvertretung")

These members have a say in spending, regulations, etc. on the level they were elected for.

Additionally, the HTU dispatches students to other boards, e.g. for curriculum creation and the university's senate.

Join us!

We are always looking for new members to join our team! As a member of the HTU you have several benefits, e.g. you get ECTS for optional subjects, additional semesters for benefits and grants, etc.

Just send us an e-mail, no previous knowledge required!


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